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Free Ubuntu Operating System

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Free Ubuntu Operating System


My Compaq Presario XP was currently given inflamed with an especially malicious virus. This is the second time that this PC has been inflamed. The first time I used the gadget restore disks and completely restored the PC to its unique day one configuration. What an ache that turned into.

Free Ubuntu Operating System

When I hooked the restored PC up to the Internet, it seemed to take the exceptional part of a week downloading and configuring updates. After the second infection, I could not discover the gadget restore disks which became almost a relief. I disconnected the laptop and became even considering throwing it away.

I had heard about the loose, open-source Linux working system: Ubuntu, and so using some other computer, I Googled Ubuntu and went to their website.

I examine the download and installation commands on the page. It all seemed pretty sincere, so I went beforehand and downloaded today’s model: Ubuntu 9.10, I transferred the downloaded software to a CD-R as in line with the instructions.

My infected Compaq Presario might boot up to the computer. However, not one of the icons would load. I could access some of the programs using the manipulate alt delete command, but it gave stripped-down variations of the programs with constrained capability.

I put the Ubuntu CD-R into my inflamed Compaq Presario’s CD force and booted it according to the instructions on the Ubuntu internet site. The on-screen instructions asked if I desired to have each working structure on my machine or just Ubuntu. I determined to absolutely erase XP, which of direction became inflamed and update it with Ubuntu. I clicked 100% Ubuntu. It warmed me one closing time that home windows XP could be completely erased from my computer. I click ok, and the setup began.

The setup was quite honest, and it took only a few minutes before I had the absolutely functional Ubuntu running gadget on my PC, and within a very brief area of time, I had my PC up and strolling.

Ubuntu is distinctive from Windows. However, it has a few of the same capabilities and is quite intuitive.

Ubuntu comes with an entire package deal of splendid preinstalled packages. The Open Office suite, which rivals Microsoft office. A net browser: Mozilla Firefox has the maximum of identical controls as Explorer but in distinctive places. It has a preinstalled games bundle with numerous famous card games: Blackjack, Solitaire, etc. Ubuntu has its own media player for MP3s and films and so on, which fits very well.

Ubuntu additionally has an integrated software program hyperlink where you may get the right of entry to about 2700 unfastened Ubuntu packages.
My first effect of Ubuntu is that I adore it a lot. It appears very stable appears to be very consumer-friendly, and clean-to-use.

The installation procedure for software programs and programs is slightly exclusive from Windows, but now not very difficult. I downloaded and easily hooked up Skype for Linux and made some International smartphone calls. It labored simply fine.

Ubuntu has several benefits over Windows. One of the principal blessings of Ubuntu is that it is nearly immune from viruses. Ubuntu is free of rate. Ubuntu seems to take less room on the difficult force in a long way. Because it is nearly immune from viruses, it no longer requires an antivirus application gobbling up resources. My PC now seems to run 4 times quicker with Ubuntu than it did with Microsoft XP, but admittedly once I installed Ubuntu, it bumped off lots of junk: antique unused software program, possibly a few orphaned files, and lots of old e-mails.

The most popular Windows application seems to have an Ubuntu/Linux model or counterpart. Windows packages will not run on Ubuntu except you install a software referred to like wine to run them. I have not had the want to try this as of but.

I even have some other Desktop PC going for walks Vista. I offered a transfer which permits me to use computer systems with just one mouse, one keyboard and one screen. This has worked out very well for me due to the fact now I don’t have Ubuntu instead of however in addition to Microsoft Windows.

If you’ve upgraded and have an antique PC or pc mendacity round, I strongly advise before you cast off your antique device that you install Ubuntu and give it a strive. I suppose you’ll be very thrilled and really inspired. I know I changed into.

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