Fixing Blocked Drains in Sydney

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Sydney is one of the most urbanised cities in the world. Its neighbourhood has been smartly designed in such a way that water can flow out from one’s home into designated gutters so that there will be no flooding. Often, this water flows straight into the Parramatta River through the Sydney Harbour. It then passes to Botany Bay, Cooks River, and Woronora River until it reaches the Nepean River. It is a complicated system that often works unless there are blocked drains in Sydney.

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Causes and consequences of draining problems

The city of Sydney is known to produce approximately 5,500 tons of waste products every day. However, what causes drain blockages are the small pieces of garbage that we casually do not throw away correctly. Some of the elements that cause blockages are tissues, wipes, food build-up, soap, and grease, among many others.

As a result of a clog, the water flow will start slowing down. There might even come a time when water and waste would travel back up and cause flooding. In severe cases, some of your pipes can develop leaks due to the unnecessary pressure diverted to them. When these leaks happen on pipes behind your wall, your house can attract bugs, mildews, and moulds.

Another consequence of a blocked drain is dirty water. When pipes are clogged, bacteria tend to build up. This scenario is a significant health hazard for everyone. Those who have asthma and allergy problems are even more at risk. Everyone who uses the water for showers can also have irritated skin. Additionally, clogged drains cause bad odour due to the stagnant water.

Services offered by plumbers

A professional technician can easily fix blocked drains in Sydney. If it is just a simple clog, your plumber would most likely use a heavy-duty plunger and an industrial-grade caustic acid to fix it. However, if the blockage is somewhere deep within the pipeline, it would require a thorough inspection involving cameras and high-pressure jets to soften the solidified wastes.

In worst-case scenarios, heavy blockages could lead to the collapse of the whole system. If the jetting method fails, the usual last resort is to replace the damaged portion of the drainage pipes before it leads to a system overhaul.

Only licensed professionals are allowed to do these services. The city of Sydney follows a strict regulation on plumbing since it wants to avoid potential damages to its well-designed water system. Furthermore, the tools needed to work on pipe problems are not readily available anyway and can only be purchased by licensed technicians.

Working with professions

It only takes a call to have a professional plumber by your door. You will know that a plumber can be trusted if they provide you with an upfront pricing upon inspection. This will protect you from financial surprises that you may have to shoulder to fix your blocked drain.

To give you an idea, a simple drainage problem can cost you around AUD 60-250. However, major pipe replacements could amount to over AUD 10,000 to be fixed.

A blocked drainage system is a costly situation. It may start as something simple, but if left untreated, it could escalate into something that would amount to thousands of Australian dollars. To prevent the hassle of dealing with this problem, you should call a trusty technician to work on your drainage upon seeing the first sign of clogging.


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