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Why you need 24×7 customer support for your DTH?


Why you need 24×7 customer support for your DTH?


Imagine the weekend has finally arrived, your munchies are ready, your weekend chores are done, and you have finally found the movie you want to watch on your TV. 5 minutes to go for the film. And alas, your DTH disconnects!

We all have been in a situation when a technical issue with the TV or DTH has ruined our perfect Sunday. Most DTH operators won’t provide a resolution or even pick up your calls because it’s a Sunday. What can you do then?

That is why 24*7 customer support is a must for your DTH! So that you never have to be in a situation where your relaxing time gets interrupted by something trivial.

24x7 customer support for your DTHHere’s why you need 24/7 customer support for DTH

As mentioned above, round-the-clock customer support is a must. Here’s why.

Enjoy your weekend in peace.

Technical issues are in no one’s control. Your television and DTH are just electronic devices. It is natural for things to go wrong at any point in time. If it’s a weekday, you can generally reach out to your DTH customer care easily and get the issue fixed. But the weekends are a real challenge.

Therefore, 24×7 customer support for your DTH is the perfect solution. Even if you face a technical glitch with your DTH on a Saturday or Sunday, you can pick up your phone and call customer care.

Quick resolution is what you will get with round-the-clock customer care support.

To save your and the operator’s time and effort.

A round-the-clock and weekly customer support will get you quick resolution for your DTH-related issues. If the problem is not addressed immediately, it can snowball into a bigger problem.

This will not only cost you time but also cost you money to fix the issue.

The operators will also waste their time managing a small issue that became big due to late attention to the problem.

How to find DTH operators with 24×7 customer support?

Now that you know why it’s so important to find a DTH operator with 24×7 customer support, spends time finding one yourself.

Not all operators give a good DTH service with excellent 24×7 support. You can check out Airtel DTH packages. It offers two set-top boxes at reasonable prices.

  • HD-High Definition Set-top box with Record and Play, Dolby Digital Sound, Premium Video Quality, and a variety of channels – Rs. 1500 (One-time activation cost)
  • Airtel Xstream Box with built-in Chromecast, Voice search enabled remote, 4K video quality, OTT channels on the big screen, and more – Rs. 2000 (One-time activation cost)

The Airtel DTH also offers 24×7 customer support for DTH.

Here are the details.

Airtel DTH Customer Care no. (24×7 active)Details
1800-103-6065Available assistance in 12 languages
For both Airtel and Non-Airtel users
1800 102 8080

Other than Airtel, Jio also offers 24×7 customer care support. The best way is to select all operators who provide 24×7 support and then go ahead with a price and features comparison.

Get a DTH connection from an operator who is there for you 24×7. Be it a weekday or a weekend, your DTH will stay active!

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