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Computer Freezes After Startup – Troubleshooting Tips


Computer Freezes After Startup – Troubleshooting Tips


Your computer freezes after startup, and you are not able to proceed with something thereafter! Seems like a familiar hassle? Then I consider, you’ve got each proper to recognize the motives too, supplied in right here.
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While working on computers, there is an excessive chance that your device may additionally freeze for no rhyme or purpose. If your computer freezes frequently, it is time you first determine out the reasons behind such malfunctioning of your device.

Reasons Why Computer Freezes on Startup

There are myriad motives for a laptop freezing on startup. Following are some reasons, which may be detrimental in freezing your system extra often.
Defective hardware (Electrostatic discharge and free connections between hardware and computer motherboard)
The faulty software program (Codes the usage of a lot of RAM; software program infected with abbots, viruses, and adware)
Bugged running structures (A corrupted Windows registry of the operating system)
Infected drivers (Improper set up of drivers, small packages that enable the hardware and software program to work in sync)


In all the above, the root motive that answers your query on why laptop freezes is, nearly all computer systems these days are assembled. So the hardware additives are manufactured by way of extraordinary vendors, which can also result in hardware malfunctioning of the machine. If your software program is corrupted with malicious packages through the Internet, freezing on startup is a caution sign indicating that your operating machine can be a hazard. This is because viruses and spyware normally mirror their code and shop them at hidden places in your system, thereby using up more RAM. This eventually slows down your machine. However, if the registry of the running machine is corrupted, then a symptom like a computer freezing on startup would imply a warning to reformat your system.

Computer Freezes Shortly After Startup – Fixing the Problem

Sometimes, it could take place that you log into your system, and as the machine is loading, your laptop freezes randomly, and regardless of how normally you faucet your keys and bang your mouse, the device remains frozen. In that case, I could recommend you to strive the subsequent:
Reboot your gadget and set your machine to a clean boot.
Click on Start, and sort MSConfig inside the search box of the begin menu and click on Enter.
The device may additionally activate you for a confirmation, sometimes inquiring about an administrator’s password. Type the password and click on Continue.

Now, click on selective startup on the General tab, and under the Selective startup of the General tab, clear the burden startup objects checkbox.
Select the Services tab and click the test field for Hiding all Microsoft Services. Then click on Disable All.
Click OK. And once the gadget activates, click on Restart.
If your system starts, practice the divide and conquer algorithm to discover the non-Microsoft carrier causing the hassle if your gadget is going for walks on Windows Vista or Windows XP.
Once the startup fiasco is solved, take a look at the registry. Here are some steps to check this.
Click on Start.

In the hunt container of the startup menu, type REGEDIT. Click Enter.
Now find this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlFileSystem
Once determined, set the NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation to one to delete any replica or short versions for DOS names.
Computer Freezes After Startup But Works in Safe Mode – Fixing the Problem

Most people bitch about the laptop freezing up in Windows Vista, and they could also look at that it prompts the device to start in ‘Safe Mode’ once rebooted. Before knowing whether this safe mode is recommended or not, it is vital to understand what this secure mode is all about. Safe mode is a unique manner for Windows to load when a device isn’t always starting in the ordinary mode. Now in the safe mode, not all capabilities are enabled. Most device drivers are not loaded (like printer and scanner)—the command documents autoexec.Bat or config. Sys isn’t run. Standard VGA image mode is used and now not the normal photographs device driver. In this mode, the gadget exams for the MS-DOS.Sys for statistics to locate the specified Window files. So now the query arises, what to do once the system boots in secure mode? To check the basic cause for what had brought about Windows to load incompletely ought to be your first plan of action.

Click on Start, and click on manipulate panel. In recent instances, when you have delivered any tool driver, strive to uninstall it and then try a reboot. If your gadget starts of evolved normally, the tool was having a few struggles with the driving force software program. Check-in addition to set up of games or new packages and attempt to uninstall them properly when you have doubts about their installation. However, if there’s no trouble with the hardware or the software, then it suggests corrupt registry trouble, which can be resolved only with the aid of getting a brand new installation reproduction of Windows.

When you face such trouble, do no longer soar to conclusions that your system wishes to reformat. Check out all the viable reasons and determine the center motive why your PC freezes after beginning. And yes, one greater important element, continually shop your statistics in backup devices like CD or a pen power. It will shop your paintings at least!

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