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Child Beauty Pageants Pros and Cons: Awesome Or Awful? You Decide


Child Beauty Pageants Pros and Cons: Awesome Or Awful? You Decide



Grooming a child to stand the competitive international and coaxing an infant to join the bandwagon of beauty pageants are two different things altogether. Let us think about the pros and cons of toddler splendor pageants and whether or not these competitions serve any reason apart from showcasing the beauty of a child.
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A toddler’s global is clean and new and delightful, complete of wonder and exhilaration. It is our misfortune that for maximum folks that clean-eyed imaginative and prescient, that true instinct for what’s lovely and awe-inspiring, is dimmed and even misplaced earlier than we reach maturity. ~ Rachel Carson
Shockers in Beauty Pageants
JonBenét Ramsey turned into handiest 6 years old while she was brutally murdered in 1996. She become a toddler splendor queen who had participated in numerous splendor pageants at her gentle age. The information of her bloodless-blooded murder became flashed on each information channel in America. The dying of JonBenét caused intense complaint of infant beauty pageants and debates on whether such pageants should be banned or no longer.
The ‘Most Beautiful Child’ contests had been already being held throughout America inside the Twenties, until an prepared beauty festival turned into held in Atlantic City in 1921 with the aid of a lodge proprietor as a way of boosting tourism. The first toddler splendor competition known as ‘Little Miss America’ commenced in the 1960s. Today, these pageants have emerge as common and are gaining reputation with every passing day. The children are judged on how nicely they show the unique line of garments, how properly they dance and the way talented they may be. They are pitted towards different children and predicted to upward thrust above the relaxation. Therefore, mother and father ought to be aware of the various execs and cons of child splendor pageants before enrolling their youngsters into such competitions.



All That Is Good About Child Beauty Pageants
Overcoming Stage Fright

Participating in a splendor festival facilitates children triumph over their shyness and stage fright. It also offers them an possibility to exhibit their singing, dancing, and communique skills.
Building Character
Children discover ways to preserve cordial relationships with fellow competition contestants and understand the importance of pleasant opposition and cooperation. It teaches them to be graceful winners and individuals.
Making Friends
So many contestants grow to be turning into near pals, and even though they will now not win a considerable region in the competition, they take domestic the eternal present of friendship and remarkable memories.
Friendly Competition
Pageants aren’t constantly as venomous and threatening as they’re portrayed within the media. The dad and mom of the contestants frequently go out of their manner by means of helping other contestants of their remaining-minute arrangements.
Appropriate Clothing

Not all pageants make the participants put on garments which are irrelevant for his or her age. Many allow children to dress and act in keeping with their age.
Parents are continuously watching over the protection in their kids and are as concerned about their nicely-being onstage, as they’re in their regular lives. Therefore, the choice of parents to initiate their children into such competitions is precisely a rely of personal choice.
Extra Activities
Most toddler beauty pageants are nicely-organized and cater to the wishes of kids by means of arranging leisure activities, games, and snacks on the backstage.
Child Development
Parents regularly enroll their children into splendor pageants with the intention to encourage them to dream bigger, need and anticipate greater from themselves. It is likewise supposed to make the kids realise that there is a lot of competition inside the international and they should be organized to stand the undertaking as a way to be triumphant.
Exposure to Diversity

Since those pageants are open for members hailing from various cultures, it makes the mother and father in addition to youngsters step out in their comfort area and grow to be extra open-minded and helpful.
Scholarship Prizes
The winner of the festival is generally given an educational scholarship, which minimizes or refunds some of the costs of the kid’s instructional 12 months. Most splendor pageants also make a contribution towards community provider and assist in producing price range for charity.
All That Is Bad About Child Beauty Pageants
Competition Pressure
The opposition is tough. The contestants ought to walk the ramp to showcase their appears, poise, and confidence in unique kinds of costumes. Looks being the top attention, the face is caked with basis and faux eyelashes are stiffened with mascara. Bright lipstick sunglasses are used that are unfitting for a young toddler.
Demanding Practice Sessions

The education program and next exercise periods to enter a festival are grueling as well. The infant has to spend several hours practising and seldom ever receives a chance to play and have fun.
Ego Trap
It is believed that, many mother and father live vicariously thru their kids so one can accomplish the things they couldn’t attain in their very own lives. For many moms, it is a manner of reliving the past via their youngsters. Watching your toddler being widespread and adulated is a exact ego raise for many parents.
Age of Participants

Children as younger as 18 months are compelled into participating in splendor pageants, due to the fact mother and father assume it’s the proper factor to do for his or her child. Children who can slightly shape a right sentence, are made to memorize dialogs and songs for appeasing the panel of judges.
Inappropriate Clothing
The clothes that the contributors are predicted to wear aren’t intended for youngsters. Revealing swimming costume which includes bikinis and night robes are inappropriate for kids. Such clothes are meant to be worn by way of adults best.
Excessive Makeup

The parents pressurize their youngsters to act and appear like Barbie or Ken. The kids are made to undergo preposterous classes of grooming, wherein their eyebrows are plucked in order to be shaped, their hair is styled and coloured, and their teeth are bleached! The child’s herbal splendor is often hidden and her/his innocence marred
under plastic smiles, tanned pores and skin, and fake eyelashes and tooth.
High Fees
The cost of entering a splendor pageant is pretty pricey. The fees consist of prices for participation, training packages, accommodation, and hair and makeup offerings by using a professional. The irony of the scenario is that these parents prefer spending money on dressmaker gowns instead of on the child’s schooling.
Psychological Effects
There is a lot of stress on the children to carry out in step with the requirements set with the aid of the mother and father and the pageant. The frustration of now not having won or dropping numerous times can lead to depression and different mental headaches. The results of which can be disastrous on the child’s frame and thoughts.
Behavioral Issues
Participating in such competition deprives the youngsters of their youth and makes them eager to grow up. This urgency, could make them imitate the habits of adults and act inappropriately for his or her age. These children grow up with the false impression that the only way to be successful is to be lovely.
Initiating Sociological Problems

Children who participate in splendor contests also are more likely to behave snobbish and advanced with other youngsters of their own age institution. They may start to look down upon their classmates and other contestants, who they agree with are much less attractive, gifted, and ‘less unique’ than themselves. It also can reason kids to harbor hatred and jealousy against the opposite contestants.
Low Self-Esteem
On the turn side, these youngsters can also begin to feel insufficient and unattractive in case they’re no longer chosen for the following round or are defeated via any other contestant. This can result in several behavioral changes such as overacting for gaining interest, appearing aloof or competitive, trying to be left by myself, and feeling depressed.
Security Threats

Children who take part in such pageants are more vulnerable to sexual predation because of the useless interest that is drawn onto them even as they’re onstage, in addition to the coverage that such activities get from the media.
Peer Pressure
A baby’s wish to take part in this type of competition can be inspired with the aid of having visible other youngsters on the tv. Parents should be those to decide whether or not it is safe for his or her children to take part in a beauty pageant.
The norms of a splendor festival are framed through the promoters and do now not have any set laws that prescribe the way in which such pageants should be held. Therefore, it turns into the obligation of the mother and father to make certain that their youngsters are participating in a comfortable competition. For folks that vehemently oppose this exercise, there may be toddler can do besides take a personal stand in opposition to starting up your own baby or member of the family into such beauty pageants.

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