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Can Selfie Addiction be Considered as a Mental Illness?

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Can Selfie Addiction be Considered as a Mental Illness?



This is a selfie technology! Everyone is fond of taking selfies and posting them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Is there a need to worry approximately this booming trend? ‘Cause psychiatrists have connected selfies to narcissism and mental illness. Puzzle finds out all about the selfie dependancy.
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‘Selfie’ [noun. A picture taken of oneself by oneself, with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media] changed into declared as ‘2013 word of the yr’ by using Oxford Dictionaries. The year 2014 changed into named because of the ‘Year of the Selfie’ on Twitter.
Selfies have come to be a cultural fashion. Right from celebrities and presidents, to commonplace humans, each person has this craze. Selfie’s furor has gushed even in the amusement world and there’s an American collection named ‘Selfie’, and an album of the same call. So a great deal so, there are institutes that have started providing the selfie course, wherein they teach the artwork of perfecting self-portraiture. Is it only a fad, or does this have dangers concerned?

Let me take a Selfie!!!

Be it celebrities flaunting their grand lifestyles, or ordinary people capturing moments and sharing on social networking sites, selfies are greater than a fashion! Visited a brand new region, take a selfie. Mesmerized with a 5 big name lavatory? Grab a selfie! Getting bugged? Needless to mention, selfie is on its way. In reality, did you simply take a bath? Perfect time to click a selfie and put up it on your bookmarked website!



We can also giggle at our buddies posting their photographs with posts each hour, change their DPS suddenly, or lower over our favorite celebrities being obsessed with clicking selfies, however, the recent studies linking selfies to mental sickness can’t be left out.

On an extreme word, something that commenced with only a click on has deeper, excessive problems if ascertained.

How does my Selfie look?

Psychologists are of the opinion that a mere addiction of taking pics of self till the ‘image best’ second may be a sign of narcissism. These overly self-obsessed social media addicts are in a perpetual need for appreciation. They may be depressed, traumatic, tormented by loneliness, or self-loving those who quest for attention to fill the emotional void of their lives created by the extended exposure to social media.

Feeling the want to get observed and favored is a human tendency. Capturing a selfie in a positive pose, at a certain place, is one of the simplest approaches to benefit interest. The hidden caption behind such selfies is, “Please apprehend me, my looks, my skills, recognize the manner I spend my life. And, if you won’t, I might discover a higher location to share them.”

Studies have also linked selfie dependency to low esteem. A Boston-based totally psychologist opined that taking a variety of selfies offers a demonstration of low confidence in that character.

Another psychologist from London stated that this isn’t always just an addiction, but a symptom of frame dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Research completed by using VoucherCloud app discovered that around 60% of children (everyday selfie-takers) have a sense of low esteem behind their smile.

Selfie Addiction in News


Danny Bowman, a 19-year-antique teenager, supposing-ly Britain’s first selfie addict, has been in the news for some time. His selfie dependency made him spend 10 hours an afternoon, clicking as much as 2 hundred pictures on his telephone.

Danny said his urge to get a perfect selfie made him suicidal. He misplaced his friends; he turned into thrown off his faculty; he misplaced his health, all ‘purpose of this addiction. The most effective factor he cared approximately was searching perfect, which made him lose 2 stones, finally to get a perfect snap. He was sensitive to the grievance and felt miserable if he’d get terrible feedback about his body or photograph, making him take an extra variety of selfies.

Doctors opined that this is an extreme case of OCD and body dysmorphic disease, in which the patient feels numerous tension concerning his look. Danny’s been dealt with and is there to help human beings tormented by the equal trauma. But this was an incredibly tough section of his existence.

Danny’s father said, “There is a massive lack of knowledge approximately the risks social networking and cell technology can pose if a younger character already has any insecurities – which maximum do.”

David Veal (a representative psychiatrist who changed into coping with Danny’s case) told The Sunday Mirror, “Two out of 3 of all of the patients who come to see me with body dysmorphic ailment since the rise of digicam phones have a compulsion to, again and again, take selfies.”

Another study by means of the Ohio State University says, guys who take and percentage quite a few selfies on websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, own psychopathic trends like lack of empathy.

There was additionally a buzz that the APA (American Psychiatric Association) has waved a confirming flag to selfies inflicting mental contamination. And that they have got named this sickness as selfies, which has three levels: borderline selfies (clicking photos of oneself at the least three times, however no longer posting on social media), acute selfies (taking selfies at least thrice an afternoon and posting all on networking websites), and chronic selfies (an uncontrollable urge to click selfies and put up them). However, this was observed to be a hoax, but it genuinely has its set of after-consequences.

Selfie Addiction Help

People routine to clicking selfies is clearly a cry for help.

Psychologists have advised a manner: to preserve a selfie journal. All you need to do is note down everything it’s for your mind while you’re about to take a selfie.

Analyze if that is a manner to satisfy your want for social recognition, or is it a manner to cope with mood swings and tension.

If you feel you are on your way to getting addicted, please take a pause. Talk to someone you know. Consult a psychologist or a counselor. Give a spoil in your smartphone and reduce your visits on picture uploading websites.

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