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Bob Cousy – Basketball Player


Bob Cousy – Basketball Player


Robert Joseph Cousy changed on August ninth, 1928, in New York City. Joseph was a taxi motive force and his mother, Julie Corley, became a secretary and a French trainer. Cousy grew up in Manhattan’s East Side in the Yorkville phase. Growing up in a multinational community, he played with Jewish, Afro-American, Italian, and other ethnic children. This experience at a younger age instilled a strong dislike for racism that stayed with him at some point in his career at the court and his existence.

Bob Cousy - Basketball Player

Bob first played basketball in essential college. In high school, he attempted out for the basketball group but turned into the crew’s cut both in his freshman and sophomore years. Since he could not play for his excessive school, he signed up to play for the St Albans Lindens of the Press League, where he advanced his capabilities in gambling basketball. In his sophomore year, he broke his proper hand, forcing him to play basketball with his left hand. Once his right hand healed, Cousy turned into capable of play left and proper exceeded, giving him the advantage on the court.

In 1947 Bob Cousy went to Holy Cross and started gambling basketball for the Crusaders his freshman year. It wasn’t until his sophomore 12 months that he had a chance to reveal his skills in the courtroom. The Holy Cross Crusaders have been playing Loyola of Chicago on the Boston Garden. The Crusaders were trailing, and with five mins to head in the game, the fans started to chant repeatedly, “We want Cousy.” Bob Cousy changed into letting in the sport, and a few quick minutes, he scored 11 factors and dazzled the group together with his at the back of the returned drizzling and ball handling. His performance on the court docket won the sport for his crew. From that day on, Bob Cousy played every game and became a 3 time All-American.

In the 1950 NBA Draft, Bob had hoped to be drafted via the Boston Celtics but became essentially snubbed via the pinnacle groups. They felt that his gambling style would no longer do nicely on a main league basketball court docket, and he might be useless in the courtroom. He was subsequently picked up via the Chicago Stags. However, the company folded earlier than the season started. As fate would have it, Bob Cousy become drafted via the Boston Celtics.

Cousy’s profession with the Celtics commenced in 1950 and lasted until 1963. After leaving the Celtics and his basketball profession as a professional participant, he has become a head teacher for Boston. For six years, Bob leads the college crew to numerous victories consisting of 3 appearances on the NIT championship and two at the National Collegiate Athletic Assoc. During his time as a college basketball train, Cousy turned into twice named New England Coach of the Year in 1968 and 1969. In 1969 he lowered back to professional basketball as a train of the Cincinnati Royals. He remained their train and part-time participant till 1973. Today Bob Cousy still works for the Celtics business enterprise as a marketing representative and once in a while as an announcer for the Celtics.

His career stats as a professional participant are mind-blowing, with 16,960points scored and 6,955 assists in 942 video games played. He was a 6 time NBA champion, 13-time All-Star, 1 time Most Valuable Player, 10 time All-NBA First Team, two times All NBA Second Team, and a two-time NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player.

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