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Birthday Party Venues in Indonesia: Keeping It COVID-19 Safe


Birthday Party Venues in Indonesia: Keeping It COVID-19 Safe


Are you in Indonesia? Are you planning to host a birthday party for your child? Before you plan anything, make sure that you follow the safety precautions provided by health authorities during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Take these regulations into consideration before you sign up for a birthday party venue or — tempat Pesta ulang tahun in the local language.

If you’ve been following the news, Indonesia today remains one of the best places to visit and invest in after the current health crisis is over. On May 28, Bali, probably the most popular destination in the country, was reopened to visitors.

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Choosing the Best and Safest Venue for Your Event

Some travel and social gatherings are now allowed, which of course means you can set up birthday parties as well. However, when choosing a birthday party venue, you should consider the safety precautions set up for you.

Your kids and their friends can still have fun and celebrate. However, things will require a little extra planning from here on then. The best birthday party venue for your kids will be the one that provides you with the most fun without putting everyone’s health at risk.

Here is what you might want to look out for when choosing your tempat Pesta ulang tahun, also known as the birthday party venue in English.

Health Safety Training of the Staff

The staff and crew that will man the venue must have received proper training concerning the safety protocols for COVID-19. The team must know how to implement government health and safety regulations concerning this pandemic.

Part of their training would be to prevent its spread best and help kids, and their families have fun while staying safe. They should know the sanitation standards in Indonesia and ways to help customers who are not feeling well or a health incident.

Health Safety Protocols

Ask about health protocols that are in place at the venue. Are there enough areas for hand washing at the birthday party venue? Ask about how frequently the staff cleans the area and the particular games.

Remember that kids will be walking around, playing, and touching things. Staff members will frequently sanitize the equipment, the games, and the other items that guests will use.

You should also ask if they can provide you with personal protective equipment during your stay at the venue. At the very least, they should be able to furnish you with masks and gloves, which should be included in the package as well.

Make sure that the PPEs are the ones that the health authorities have authorized. It would help if you also inquired whether the staff will have their own PPEs like masks and face shields.

Health Regulations at the Venue

You should check when you select tempat pesta ulang tahun as the health regulations in place. They should have protocols and means to implement proper safety distancing, limiting the number of guests in the area, safe spaces for guests, restrictions and visible warning signs, and enough staff to keep things orderly while the party is going on.

Direction markers will also be beneficial for guests. These will help adults and children find sanitizers, restrooms, game rooms, and handwashing areas.

You can still have a fun birthday party in Indonesia. You need to choose the right birthday party venue to ensure your safety and provide you with all the fun that you can have.

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