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Best Portable Vaporizer Traveling Tips


Best Portable Vaporizer Traveling Tips


It might not be a well known fact but regardless of the illegality of the cannabis plant and all its concentrated forms, any vaporizing device whether it’s for flavored e-liquids, nicotine solutions, or other medicines, are banned from checked in luggage on airplanes. They are, however, allowed to be stored in your carry-on bags and brought onto the plane, at least that’s the case for Canadian and American airlines anyways. You’re not allowed to use them on the planes of course, but if you’re only planning on vaping just a tiny bit, there’s not much stopping you from enjoying a bit of vapor in the bathrooms, but that’s a whole other matter. This article will give you a couple of the best portable vaporizer traveling tips to bring your trusty companions along with you for the flight.

  1. Clean it, first of all. You should definitely do a bit more reading if you didn’t already immediately think of this as your first step. Good luck flying with anything that’s got even a tiny bit of marijuana residue on or in it. The risk is exponentially increased when you consider the fact that you never know what days security dogs may be hanging around the airport, and we all know and love the pungent aromas of cannabis, so dogs will ruin your day if you don’t properly clean your stuff. This goes for any pipes and grinders as well. Give an industrial level quality of cleaning to all your items before travel.
  2. Get a nice inconspicuous carrying case for your stuff. Some companies offer items specifically designed for the best portable vaporizer and tool storage, but that isn’t necessarily needed. A leather pouch or bag can serve just fine and this just serves to make it appear like any casual device someone may bring onto an airplane. Security might ask you to pull it out of your carry on to show them but it’s easy enough to say it’s a tobacco vaporizer and they can’t argue otherwise if it’s been impeccably cleaned.