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Best Free Software for Writers


Best Free Software for Writers


The search continues for the ‘holy grail’ of writing the software program. If you ask a hundred writers what the quality writing software in the marketplace is, you’ll get at least 50 distinct solutions. Why? Because every author has his or her own favorite software and their own style of writing.

Best Free Software for Writers
The fact is, all you actually need to jot down is a pen and a pocketbook.

But, in case you need to percentage files, layout your book for e-publishing, or write a blockbuster screenplay and send it off to Hollywood, then you’ll want a few kinds of software to do most of the heavy work for you.

If you are like maximum writers, simply starting, you’ve got little revel in with writing software or even much less money to spend, so that you may need to start with freeware. Yes, I stated free—the favored phrase of every wannabe freelance author in the enterprise. No one likes loose software more than I do. However, you need to be cautious to pick out software programs to do what you want.

Apache OpenOffice

Every creator desires a terrific word processor for at least a few tasks, and OpenOffice has one of the first-rate loose offerings rounds.

OpenOffice is the leading open-supply office software program suite for word processing. It’s an unfastened opportunity to Microsoft Office and does quite an awful lot the entirety that MS Office does, which includes: phrase processing, pix, databases, spreadsheets, displays, and more. It’s available in lots of languages and works on any pc OS. It also shops all of your facts in a worldwide open general format and can read and write documents from different office software programs. It may be downloaded and used completely free of fee for any reason.


Storybook is a flexible device that helps you correctly structure a singular screenplay or different complicated written paintings.

Storybook permits you to organize your e-book or screenplay factors, namely characters, locations, and extraordinary plots, such as main tale and secondary threads. Storybook defines and configures each detail on its own, making the whole process a good deal easier because it gives you a clearer view of your book’s structure. Plus, it lets you have more than one active task running in an equal time.

Keep in mind that Storybook isn’t a word processor. It’s greater of an organized database wherein you keep small bits of statistics that will produce a book once properly advanced and related together. So, if the corporation isn’t always one in every one of your robust factors, then Storybook may be worth trying.


Evernote is one of those packages which you either get or the war to understand. Evernote has a text editor, photo upload device, and voice recording tool, and you may use any of these additives one by one or in a mixture to upload content in your account. Yes, regrettably, Evernote requires an account with a username and password.

Everything you do on your phone and your pc or pill gets synchronized to your Evernote account on the Web. Since it synchronizes as soon as you go online, and often thereafter, reinstalling the software or losing facts because of a crash is not a problem. Keep in mind although that the Evernote text editor isn’t always keystroke well matched with the PC-primarily based editor. It makes switching among the 2 almost not impossible. The loose model offers 40MB in keeping with the month for uploading even as $ forty-five 12 months receive you a 500MB a month in addition to safety and tech guide.


If you are walking Windows OS, then it got here preloaded on your computer. Some people locate all the greater bells and whistles of a complete word processor distracting when writing. If you have hassle identifying all the distinct functions that come with MS Word or OpenOffice, WordPad lets in formatting (formidable, italics, and so forth) and may be easier to apply than Word.

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