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An Introduction to Windows

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An Introduction to Windows


This newsletter intends to offer the layman an introduction to Windows within the 21st century. We will destroy down the subject into 4 components:

An Introduction to Windows
1) Basic Make-Up of a Window
2) Various Types of Windows
3) Window Design and Application
4) Examples of Window Manufactures

1. Basic Make-Up

The three primary additives of maximum windows are:

a) Frame
b) Sash
c) Glass

a) The frame is the outermost border of the window. It is the component that connects to the walls of a house. It can be made out of wood, PVC, Aluminum, Steel, Iron, and so forth. The body offers structure to the window and, together with the sash, determines what the window looks like on the exterior and indoors.

B) The sash is the second layer, in the way of speak, and holds the glass. Without problems, it can be overlooked because it is regularly hard to peer in which the body ends and the sash begins. However, it will become much less complicated if the window is operable (capable of open) because then the sash moves with the glass leaving best the body stationary. Again, design-sensible, the sash plays a huge role, and the sash-glass interface, specifically the glazing bead or glazing stop, can change the look of a window.

C) The glass is what makes a window a window. This is, in particular, real for the layman or newbie who might not be aware of anything but the real glass. However, the glass is simply the maximum valuable (physically speaking) of the 3 components. It can come as a single, double or triple layer in various thicknesses. It may be Clear, Tinted, Reflective, Textured, or have ornate designs and Stained Glass.

2. Various Types

a) Picture or Fixed
b) Single and Double Hung
c) Casement and Awning (and Pushout)
d) Hopper and Pivot
e) Tilt & Turn

a) Picture or Fixed Windows

The time period Picture is used interchangeably with the term Fixed. And they’re equal in that each does now not open. However, from time to time, the time period Fixed refers back to the fact that there is a non-operable sash present, while the Picture Window skips the sash and has the glass established immediately into the body.

B) Single and Double Hung Windows

Single and Double Hung Windows are attempted and examined and were round for a very long term. Both consult with windows that are horizontally divided into an upper and decrease sash. In a Single Hung, the decrease sash moves up and down, and the top sash does not move. In a Double Hung, both sashes flow up and down, impartial of each other. Because gravity would pull those sashes down immediately after being opened, those kinds of windows use weights, springs, or friction to hold the sashes inside the favored function.

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