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8 Popular Sites Like Reddit

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8 Popular Sites Like Reddit


Reddit has been Icas Network  recognized to hold its visitors updated on all the trendy developments. But why depend upon a single website for all your needs? Check out some famous websites which have a similar method like Reddit.
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Reddit turned into utilized by President Barack Obama in his 2012 Presidential Election marketing campaign, who participated in the AMA (Ask Me Anything) session and were given 2.6 million precise traffic, which contributed to his popularity.
Since social media web sites have created a typhoon with the aid of linking the human beings we deem closest, social bookmarking websites are not ways behind whilst facts wishes to be at our fingertips. These websites create a listing of websites that carefully healthy your wishes, not like search effects that pertain to favoritism.



Reddit is an internet site aimed at promoting person hobby on a numerous quantity of subjects. It encourages users to put up crucial hyperlinks or articles with excessive great content, and shall we the community determine the recognition on the basis of votes or comments. This absolutely prevents spammy articles, and handiest garners content material well worth studying or looking. It has classes called subreddits, in which users can post their hyperlinks associated with general information, enjoyment, technological know-how and technology, and so forth. All the news articles are curated via a devoted editorial team. It has 400 million specific traffic a month and developing.

It has a unique class known as AMA (Ask Me Anything), in which users can ask questions like a web convention. There’s a unique section referred to as TIL (Today I Learned), wherein users publish a link or a truth approximately a topic that they have got by no means ventured in before. But currently, it has additionally been observed that the voting system has been misused with the aid of voters, and handiest the maximum stupid or controversial information gets highlighted, even as the relaxation is overshadowed by their glitzy counterparts. If getting the right statistics is part of your morning recurring, test out these websites much like Reddit.

Sites Like Reddit


Slashdot is one internet site that capabilities information and era articles, and covers other interesting topics dedicated to popular topics, together with Apple, Games, and many others. Instead of the popularity of the content being voted by way of the entire community, the thing is moderated via jury individuals. Similar to Reddit, it has sub-sections which include YRO (Your Rights Online), which makes you aware of diverse digital and privateness rights.

Website: Slashdot


Topix is a website that displays topics associated with the location you are presently located at. It has a motley of newspaper editors and reporters, who edit the articles published at the website online. This web page covers a myriad of topics, ranging from wellness to bizarre. The great part is the sections that are maximum likely to be clicked by using any first-time person are located at the interface, like Stars, containing Hollywood information, and offbeat articles read by means of people attempting to find other than the run-of-the-mill news.

Website: Topix


Newsvine compiles all the essential information-associated articles bearing on modern activities and posts the links to the respective websites. It has a feature brought in 2013, called the Friends List, which helps you to comply with individuals with similar hobbies and make pals. It lets you filter out the content according to the class you opt for. Overall, it does not have an impact on the loads, like newspapers, however just publishes articles from mainstream sources.

Website: Newsvine

Hacker News

Hacker News, no matter the implication of the call, has no information of hacking and rather makes a specialty of IT and entrepreneurship. The reputation of the articles is decided by using votes of the members. It follows a very local format, with the articles displayed in a list shape. If you intend to be a member and be a part of this website online, you want not less than a hundred votes to get your article displayed on the front page.

Website: Hacker News


Hubski is a website committed to sharing thoughtful articles and communication on the web. It is constantly compared to Reddit for having a comparable technique in the direction of sharing links in addition to authentic content. It has a completely unique system of vote casting, depicted within the symbol of a sun with all the rays for extremely famous, to only a sun with out rays for a brand new article. The look of the internet site can be configured according to a consumer’s preference.

Website: Hubski

The needs

The needs are internet site devoted to bringing you present day updates from round the arena, masking topics from enterprise and finance to media and leisure. It has a Windows-themed look, with the users deciding on the choice of articles they prefer. It also banks on consumer activity to decide the topics that garner their hobby and updating the content streams.

Website: The needs


If you are a social butterfly who can not get sufficient of Facebook and Twitter, this website online is made just for you, to hold in touch with the modern-day tendencies. It even covers news stories as well as generation-related updates, much like Reddit.

Website: Mashable


Delicious acts as a social bookmarking internet site, that we could users store their preferred bookmarks. This listing can then be used by others and shared on different websites. Like Reddit, the popularity is decided by way of the votes of the contributors. One of the specific elements of the web site is that all of the hyperlinks are displayed in public view.

Website: Delicious

All the websites mentioned right here are free to apply, and simply need you to join up to access their superior features.

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