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5 Important Reasons to Switch to Solar Power in Virginia

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5 Important Reasons to Switch to Solar Power in Virginia


Virginia receives 4,354 hours of sunlight annually, placing it among the top twenty-five sunniest states in the USA.

That means switching to solar is a good option if you’re a resident of the Old Dominion State. Besides abundant energy, solar power brings many other benefits to Virginia homeowners.

Solar PowerHere’s what you stand to gain from installing solar power in your Virginia home.

1. Solar Energy Saves the Environment

When you get your electricity from the sun, you help reduce the number of fossil fuels burned to supply your energy needs.

That means you’re taking positive steps toward reducing carbon emissions.

Burning fossil fuels is one of the main causes of global warming and is causing erratic weather patterns worldwide. Unless we all work together to reduce carbon emissions, the time will come when the changing weather affects our food sources.

This means we’ll all starve to death unless a violent weather incident gets us first.

2. Solar Energy Is Renewable

Unlike fossil fuels, which will run out within the next few decades, the sun should last another 4.5 billion years.

That means we’re assured of an endless supply of powerful energy for the rest of our existence.

The sun produces enough energy to supply a year’s worth of the world’s energy needs in just one hour. So, we’ll never run out of solar energy by over-using it, either.

3. You’ll Save When You Switch to Solar

Once installed, solar panels hardly ever need any maintenance, and they’ll keep providing you with electricity free of charge for years.

If you have a grid-tied system and use solar for only some of your energy needs, you can also feed excess power back into the grid.

In this way, you’re helping reduce fossil fuel consumption even more, and you’ll also receive a discount on your energy bills.

4. Solar Panel Installation Offers a High ROI

Solar power offers a great return on investment when you decide to sell your home. You’re likely to get the price you want for your home with no questions asked, thanks to all the benefits offered by solar power.

Prospective homebuyers know about the huge savings you can reap when installing solar, so homes with solar panels sell fast. You can easily tag the value of your solar installation onto your home’s initial valuation.

5. Solar Installations Are Getting Cheaper

Blue Raven Solar says solar prices have fallen by 45% in the last five years, so you’ll pay less for a professional solar panel installation than ever before.

You’ll also get great rebates when installing solar panels in Virginia. The state’s Investment Tax Credit gives you a 26 percent tax credit when installing a solar system.

Bear in mind this only applies when you buy your system outright, i.e., you either pay for it upfront or with a loan.

It’s Time for Change

People across the globe realize the many benefits of making the switch to solar. Why not join them and add your contribution toward saving our species?

Keep browsing our website if you’d like to find more ways to save and streamline your daily life.

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