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11 Quintessentially Remarkable Oligopoly Characteristics

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11 Quintessentially Remarkable Oligopoly Characteristics


An oligopolistic monetary Planet reporter machine is usually located the world over. It is predominantly determined in media, telecommunication, publishing, healthcare coverage, aviation, tv, fuel, vehicles, and many others. Read this text to analyze the more approximately oligopolistic market and its diverse characteristics.


Did you know…

… The word oligopoly has been derived from the Greek phrase oligos which means ‘little or small,’ and poles, which means ‘to promote.’ Wherever the phrase oligos are applicable as a plural, it manner few.
Oligopoly is a common market form wherein a limited quantity of companies dominates an industry. Fierce competition exists in several oligopolistic corporations, as they’ve low costs and excessive manufacturing. Oligopolistic firms might also rent restrictive alternative practices to increase expenses and control manufacturing. Firms may also even collaborate to stabilize volatile markets. The four-firm awareness ratio is applied to examine oligopoly quantitatively. This consists of measuring the marketplace share in percent for the pinnacle 4 biggest corporations in a specific industry. An apt example of an oligopoly could be of American cellular smartphone marketplace. In the fourth region of 2008, 89% of the enterprise was managed by Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Oligopolistic Market


An oligopolistic marketplace is ruled by way of few huge providers. Here, the main companies account for a big percent of the market share. Firms manufacture branded products, and high opposition among them results in excellent advertising and marketing and advertising. Leading firms can make ordinary earnings in the long run, as new corporations have several entry obstacles. As all firms in an oligopolistic marketplace are interdependent, they need to recollect the effect and reactions on other companies even as figuring out their own pricing and funding regulations. Homogeneous merchandise, mutual interdependence, few massive manufacturers, and high access boundaries are the most important characteristics in such markets.

The automobile enterprise is a perfect example of an oligopolistic market. There are numerous competitors in this market, but the dominant ones encompass General Motors, Honda, Chrysler, Toyota, and Ford. Entry obstacles prevent different entrants, and it’s miles found that pricing is generally decided to utilize competition and mutual information among top producers.

Characteristics of Oligopoly

► Industry Dominance via Few Large Firms

This is a completely critical feature of oligopoly, which states that this market consists of few large, dominant corporations. Every sort of corporation is relatively large than the marketplace size. It guarantees that all huge companies have a fair amount of marketplace control, no longer seen in a monopoly market. Despite there being different smaller corporations within the market, the predominant ones account for greater than half of-of the total enterprise output. For instance, in a hypothetical medical health insurance marketplace, out of the 20 corporations doing enterprise, the top four firms are responsible for 65% of the whole enterprise income. At the same time, the parent shoots as much as 80% of the pinnacle 10 companies are considered.

► Homogeneous or Differentiate Products

Certain industries in an oligopolistic marketplace manufacture homogeneous merchandise, much like an ideal competition market, while others manufacture differentiated products like in a monopolistic market. It can, therefore, be inferred that oligopolistic markets are determined in separate classes:
Homogeneous Product Oligopoly: Industries in those markets produce intermediate goods utilized by different industries later to manufacture their merchandise. Examples consist of – metallic, petroleum and aluminum industries.

Differentiate Product Oligopoly: Goods manufactured in these sorts of industries are for personal consumption. Consumers need a selection of products, as they have got specific needs and wants. Examples consist of – computer systems, household merchandise, and motors.

► Interdependence

One of the key characteristics of an oligopoly is interdependence. Any alternate in the price and different financial factors by way of a firm may also bring about a change within the pricing coverage of the competitors, as the opposition is confined. Apart from considering the call for its products or fee of the goods, oligopoly companies also keep in mind the reactions of other rival companies to changes in their rate and output guidelines. However, mutual interdependence often creates uncertainty for all the firms. Hence, the demand curve of an oligopolistic firm loses its determinateness.

► Entry Barriers

Entry boundaries assist existing corporations in exercising marketplace management. Government restrictions, copyright, and patent troubles, massive setup cost, and undivided useful resource ownership are common limitations to access. This specific feature also enables differentiating an oligopolistic marketplace from a monopolistic market, as new firms can enter a monopolistic market and reduce the dominance of the large companies. For example, if a brand new company attempts to enter a hypothetical telecommunications market, it will have to compete in opposition to the already current emblem names, set up a manufacturing unit with no initial sales or income from the enterprise, and also will need to provide you with modern production strategies to preserve itself ultimately. All these obstacles make it hard for the brand new entrant to go into an oligopolistic marketplace irrespective of the product.

► Advertising and Marketing Cost

Under an oligopolistic market, corporations adopt competitive advertising and advertising tasks that allow you to benefit from greater market percentages. However, this not simplest generates publicity for the firm’s services and products but also facilitates to boom its sales. Any such big sales promotional expenditure might not be required in a monopolistic setup or a natural opposition situation. However, an oligopolistic firm needs to invest closely in marketing and advertising to survive the competition.

► Rigidity of Price

The oligopoly marketplace has an inflexible fee structure. Changes in the fees of the goods or offerings hardly ever take area in an oligopolistic marketplace. Any deduction inside the rate with the aid of one firm is counter-attacked by other aggressive firms who also tend to undercut their expenses. This results in rate warfare. To keep away from this type of state of affairs, commonly, firms keep away from a price-cut or make a price-related decision in consultation with different corporations.

► Non-rate Competition

Oligopoly market follows a hard non-rate competition. The opposition exists in the shape of loyalty schemes, classified ads, product differentiation, research and improvement, marketing, packaging, manufacturing products that are more suitable variations of rival products, and so forth.

► Profit Maximization

Oligopolistic companies maximize their profits at the quantity wherein the growing marginal value is identical or close to the marginal revenue. This is finished when the price of the product is greater than the common variable cost. As the access to oligopolistic markets is hard, above ordinary profits are possibly best in the end. However, these profits can not exceed past a positive level as new competitors will input the market ultimately, and undercut the firms’ costs and decrease the general earnings of the enterprise.

► Collective Dominance

Mergers or collaborations are a common function of oligopolistic opposition. The merging of two or greater competitors helps them to act as one dominant entity within the marketplace. This addition will increase their market share. It has a two-fold benefit wherein they could together obtain greater economies of scale and reduce the opposition. The company that paperwork because of a merger will dominate and manipulate marketplace supply and fees of other smaller companies.

► Strategy

As the companies are interdependent, they should take strategic enterprise choices. They make important choices on whether to compete with competitors or collaborate with them, whether or not to exchange costs, whether or not to put into effect new techniques to make a profit and so on. These decisions are typically based totally on estimating the rival company’s response to a strategic move.

► Perfect Knowledge

Oligopoly corporations may additionally anticipate owning ideal know-how of various economic elements, and the actions of the competition as only a few big games exist. There are chances that they’re fully aware of their personal price and different enterprise-related details. However, they’ll no longer make sure approximately the inter-company records.


✦ The marketplace is generally stable due to the best know-how.
✦ Oligopoly lets the corporations repair prices and manipulate the marketplace.
✦ As entry into the marketplace is restricted, few humans dominate the marketplace.
✦ Oligopolistic companies gain from long-time period profits.
✦ Large players dominate the market and make a big income.
✦ Other corporations inside the oligopolistic market may also make a profit eventually due to the boom in demand.
Profits can be invested in challenge studies and the development of progressive merchandise.
✦ Due to mergers, companies who manufacture comparable merchandise can lower the price of producing by participating with every different.
✦ Customers have a preference for making price comparisons earlier than selection, unlike monopoly.
✦ Stability in costs of the goods helps the client undertake planned and calculated expenditure, which also facilitates stabilizing the trade cycle.
✦ Prices in an oligopoly tend to be decreased than the ones in a monopoly.
✦ Oligopoly companies have access to patented techniques and achieve price benefits of mass manufacturing.

There are diverse fashions like the Dominant Firm Model, Bertrand version, Cournot-Nash Model, and Sweezy’s Kinked Demand Curve Model, which are used to define the operation of companies in an oligopolistic marketplace. As you could have discovered, the characteristics of oligopoly are starkly exceptional from the traits of monopoly. As the market is shared between some firms, it’s miles particularly concentrated, and, apart from the massive corporations, many small corporations additionally work in this marketplace. As a customer, we benefit more from the low pricing and new product improvement in a competitive oligopoly market than a monopoly market share.

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